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When a woman, obviously pleased with her own cleverness and good fortune, tells you that she just saved $55 on a pair of designer shoes, and the only thing you can think to say in return is that you (also pleased with yourself) just saved $15 on flea medication for your dog, you kind of suspect that the two of you don’t have a great deal in common.  So, rather than say anything, you smile big, nod your head, and try to appreciate her sincere enthusiasm and joy.  Isn’t that what sociability and good manners are all about?  Looking at the world from another person’s perspective?  You then spend the next five minutes listening to the details of her find and trying hard to appreciate it.

But days after the party, you marvel over the fact that shoes can captivate another so completely, and you wonder how someone can save more than you even spend on a new pair of shoes–you, who typically have your shoes resoled and reheeled year after year.

Such mysteries abound.