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Do you know what isn’t lost,
what hasn’t been erased
from memory?
That crazy smile of yours,
when you were a young girl.
In an instant, your whole face
would lift into a smile –
the cheeks, the nose,
even those oversized ears –
and not just your soon-to-be
Sophia-Loren lips.

And a look of mischievous fun
would sparkle in your wide green eyes,
signaling a sarcastic remark
was about to come my way.

But what I remember most
about that face, those eyes,
that wise-cracking smile
is the happiness you radiated –
such a simple happiness,
like that of a soul
always on the verge of laughter.

As the years go by
and I travel farther and farther
away from our beginning
and your ending,
this is the memory
I find myself returning to
again and again.
This is the portrait I hold
close to my heart.