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Every day now she searches her memory
and mostly comes up empty.
Tonight, I’m going to lie down
and try to remember his face, she once said.
She had forgotten her grandson’s face.
He had just left the room.
Now when she lies in bed,
her mind wanders and wanders
and grows anxious from wandering.
What was I going to tell you? she asks.
I was going to tell you something.
And her face becomes childlike,
despite her 89 years,
even though her eyes are murky
as she searches mine.
Today when I came by,
she looked at me as if from a great distance
and said, How did you find me? I was so lost.
Except today I was in a rush, late for work.
I had come by just to drop off medication.
I had been hoping for a quick hello and goodbye.
But as I was wondering what to do,
she suddenly looked up,
her dark eyes full of recognition,
and said, I’m so glad you found me.
So I stayed until I had to go.