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a force field of anger
surrounds you
I bump into it
upon meeting you again

you smile through yellowed teeth
a smile that creaks with resentment
and disdain

I swear I’ll never see you again

but I too smile, accept a hug,
pretend all is forgotten, all is good

questions race through my mind
tripping over each another
in their rush to be heard

I don’t ask a single one

a marriage of false minds
should admit impediments,
I think, yet sheer futility
forbids me to speak

for as you talk now about
your new house, your new life,
your new bride, despite
all your attestations
to the contrary, I see you still
dwell in that tortured little space
we once shared, I see you still
take delight in pinning me
like a fly to a wall –
pinning me as you
peel off wing
after wing

but, goodness,
I am no innocent here

for seeing you swept back,
seeing you seethe,
seeing your icy blue eyes
shatter in regret
fills me with delight,
even as I crawl away

for despite my own denials,
the past is always with me,
and I take pleasure in knowing
you know what havoc you caused
and will cause whenever
we meet again