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I did nothing and it was
everything I’d hoped it would be.

I didn’t go to work.
I didn’t read or exercise.

I didn’t watch TV either
or go see the latest blockbuster
(and though the movie would signify
nothing, it would still count as something).

I didn’t go on facebook—well,
I never go on facebook—but
I didn’t go on wordpress either.

No, I just looked out the window
and let my thoughts gather
and disperse with the light.

I watched it slide across
rooftops, sift through trees, and
turn the leaves into a shade
I have no name for.

I watched it fall brightly on
wet sidewalks and watered lawns.
I even watched it darken and fade
with the dying day.

And though in the end I can’t say
I ever saw the light, I sure
did watch the hell out of it!