every word whispered ~ a poem


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every word whispered
adds meaning to the ceremony

just as each humble gesture
gives definition to the dance

you may think life is full
of wasted words and motions

but what you understand is
never the whole ritual

but an infinitesimal portion
of the ceremony and dance

i need an oil change ~ a poem


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i need to get an oil change
he said
and she thought
he said
i came back and the world changed

she said
i did the dishes they’re all clean and
he heard
why didn’t you do them

he said
didn’t i tell you i’m working late and
she heard
it’s all up to fate

these are the miscommunications
that make the heart sink
the spoken unspoken words
that make you think and think


thoughts of revolution ~ a poem


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america take a hard look at yourself
do recent events reveal the hidden face of you

it’s too easy to blame pure evil when so much
derives from the very marks of achievement
we hold so dear like fame and weath and winning
when we applaud violence and brutality
on playing field and screen
when bearing arms is just a game of one upmanship
when a puerile hate-mongering president
plays the most deadly game of all

america the great experiment
is yours the face of failure

is it time to try something new