what lies beneath (from the archives)


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it is a haunted thing

like something from a dream now

lost to memory

or a feeling that lingers


that catches you unawares

before you force its return

to a safe place inside

you let it dwell there

coiled up like a sleeping dragon

in the hope that it can no longer

breathe fire




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when they weigh your soul on the final scale

how will it equal the weight of a feather

is the good thought you sent to another

enough to tip the balance in your favor

and does a bold and brave extraordinary act

of kindness counterbalance a past misdeed

no one knows no one can say

for hieroglyphs are silent on this

as silent as the stones they adorn

platypus dreams


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“The dreamiest member of the animal kingdom is the platypus, which logs up to eight hours of REM sleep a day.”

i’d love to know what a platypus dreams

when deep asleep but we don’t have the means

to know the world of such creatures’ minds

we don’t understand our very own kind

is desire or dread the driving force

of platypus dreams or is it remorse

is a truer world revealed in their dreams

is our own waking life not what it seems

beloved betrayer


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you’re a shapeshifter

i’ve known it all along

but it puzzles me nonetheless

where is your defining self

where is your center

though it’s been years and years

i don’t have an inkling of who you are

memories plague me

moments when i could have asked

who are you

but to what end

and did i really want to know

do you know

we’re all flawed

we’re all vessels for both good and ill

we overflow with goodness in one moment

to run dry the next

but along the way

i wish that i would have said something

to risk a rupture

to risk leading to a point of no return

since we’ve arrived here anyway

two more nonsense rhymes


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i don’t reside in a castle in the sky
for the air is too thin and the rent too high

i live instead in a kingdom by the sea
even though i am not miss annabel lee

i linger by the waves and breathe in sea air
or i sit on a rock and comb my long hair

it is really a lovely place to be
especially if you’re not miss annabel lee

without knowing much about this or that
i thought it was time to get me a cat

a cat can be wise and crafty and such
but the one that i got was a real putz

he stalked me all day and attacked at night
i wanted to play he wanted to bite

for 20 odd years he left me aghast
but i miss that bugger now that he’s passed

two nonsense rhymes


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just think…

of all that i could do

if i could find that one lost shoe

and all the things that i could be

if orangutans weren’t taunting me

i’d live a life in high-heeled style

i’d go to church well for a while

but where or where is my lost shoe

did orangutans give it to you?


i wonder…

if deep in the sea

starfish blush

like anemones

and do lonely whales

like to sing

when no one else

is listening?

a deep-sworn vow (after w.b. yeats)


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she allows me to love her
and often that is enough
when i am missing you

but dreams are not kind to me
nor do memories soothe
there are those who can forget
there are those who find solace
i am not one of those

i may love another but
whenever i grow sad with wine
or rise from the depths of sleep
always i meet your face

(after a deep-sworn vow, by w.b. yeats)