did you know


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that this bluest of blue skies
and the sudden appearance of a jet
with its ribbon of vapor
sparkling in the sun

that this bird darting by
with a revelation
of a snowy white stripe across
the breadth of its wings

that even this stand of cypresses
swaying and rustling in the breeze
as they have done for years

may be paradise to someone
whose share of suffering
is much greater than your own

caves of lascaux


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let us dream

let us imagine

a way out

let those of us who

have lost loved ones

or have survived a bout

with this plague

remain hopeful

in our cloistered cells

let us be like the cave dwellers

who lived entire lives

in fear of dark forces

who nevertheless painted

scenes upon their walls

of hope and desire

let us paint our walls

in like fashion

in thought or in deed

with visions and schemes

and stampeding dreams

of what we desire

let us emblazon our walls

our unblemished walls

with handprints

drenched in brightest red

the primordial cry

of our ancestors

to remind ourselves

that we too are thriving

in our own space and time

in this way perhaps

we can reassure ourselves

that we too know the magic

our ancestors knew

that we too know how

to cast a spell

to conjure up a world

of brighter days

my heart beats for you


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it’s all so difficult now learning to live without you:

you who were once a very part of my soul

i used to feel your presence everywhere

i needed you near

now that i’m alone your absence is a presence

and it hurts to know that even as time passes

and i’ve grown accustomed to this new life

there will always be moments that catch me unawares

and i will then know the full weight of my burden:

the everlasting presence of your goodbye

la luna eres tú


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the moon is you

and so are the stars

tonight i would have danced with you

and your charming face with a look

so proud and knowing

would have told me as before

that i am your one and only

the moon is you

and so are the stars in heaven

ever bright and ever far

until the infinite mystery

allows us a chance

for another dance

– for dora